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Gaomi Tongchuang Valve Core Co., Ltd.
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Cool in the hot summer days

Send a cool small core Gaomi Tongchuang Valve Core Co., Ltd. August 9 In the hot sun, in order to effectively improve the production and living conditions of enterprises in the summer and earnestly safeguard the occupational safety and health rights of em...

Creativity and talent

Gaomi Tongchuang Valve Core Co., Ltd.s first creative car stickers competition is intended to create brand power, show the spark of creativity, the temperature of passion, need your creativity, let our brand "create the valve core", open a new h...

Indian customers come to Gaomi Tongchuang Valve Core Co., Ltd. to visit

On November 21, 2014, Indian customers came to Gaomi Tongchuang Valve Core Co., Ltd. to discuss further cooperation matters....

Our general manager attended the international standardization conference

OnOctober 27th, 28th, our general manager Li Jian and the secretary general of the valve sub-technical committee Li Feng participated in theiso-organized valve standardization meeting held in St. Petersburg, Tampa, Florida, and discussed the card. Thestan...