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Gaomi Tongchuang Valve Core Co., Ltd.
Address:1908 Fenghuang Street (West), Gaomi City, Shandong Province

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Welfare benefits

The company provides employees with comprehensive welfare guarantees to solve their worries.
Insurance and Housing Fund、paid on holidays、paid annual leave、paid marrige leave/ mourning
leave/paternity leave、600 yuan cash gift/ condolence payment for big events.
Buffet, free accommodation, free medical examination, holiday/birthday gifts, pregnancy benefits, "Goddess Day" benefits.
With the development of the company, various welfare benefits are constantly being supplemented and improved.

Company address
No. 1908, Fenghuang Street (West), Gaomi City, Shandong Province (100 meters west of the intersection of Fenghuang Street and West Outer Ring Road)

Contact us& Phone Operating hours
13046462329 (same number on WeChat)/Monday to Saturday 8:00am-11:00am, 14:00pm-16:00pm

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